My Big Art News

super excited!!!

 this past week or so i've been getting my art ready to put in a couple of store!!

as intimidating as it was, i knew i had to put my art and my self out there…
fingers crossed and hoping for the best i did it

i'm happy to announce my art is available at Simply Vague in the Polaris Mall (right beside Saks) in columbus, ohio

i guess i was excited sorry about the blurry photo

i also have my art at their Tuttle Mall location in columbus ohio

everything they sell is made by ohio artist
so if you are in the columbus area stop in these two stores, they have some amazing items
by some amazing artist
i encourage you to take the leap and do what ever may be intimating you
it feels good when you do it..


Blue Owl Painting for Halloween

Blue Owl prints now available in my shop

i think this Owl is prefect for Halloween, don't you? 

i have so much happening here..i've done several local art shows, and having so much fun meeting and talking to all the collectors. i have a couple of shows comings up in November that i'm looking forward to. so i've been getting ready for them..thinking of ways to display my art..if you have any suggestions or ideas please share them with me.. i have more BIG NEWS i hope to share with you soon..

a little peek into my world. i absolutely LOVE Halloween. it's my favorite holiday to decorate for.
so what does that say about me?
what's your favorite holiday?

this is what it looks like most mornings as i'm on my way home from taking my kids to school.
feels like fall here...