Hope you are having a good week. I'm pretty excited about the art I've been creating !! I'm putting more of my personality into my paintings. Oh what a feeling.. I've also changed my blog design...what do you think? New color, new banner, new avitar ...
This original painting is available in my ESTY SHOP
I hope you enjoy looking..


Creative change....I've been thinking a lot I mean a lot about my art. I'm feeling unsatisfied. I feel I need to push myself more. so that is what I've been doing these last few days-weeks. A lot of feeling happen when you  really push yourself. inspired, uninspired, excited, thrill, scared, disappointed, courage, doubt, must I go onI'm asking for the courage and belief in myself to take this journey...to grow to soar to be ture to myself and what I want.


Newest painting! Just listed in my ESTY SHOP.
I'm hoping to post to blog latter today, once the kiddo are busy and will let me think.


Here is my lasted painting.
I just listed her in MY ESTY SHOP .

close up of all the texture
Even on difficult days there is always hope!


          scanned with my old scanner             

scanned with my new scanner
I just love my scanner.
It scan true colors. I didn't have to adjust the color.
I added the link to it on my side bar.