everyday inspiration

summer is gone..
fall is here
a chill is in the air
i miss summer already
my kids are back in school
so i just had to paint
a red apple of course.
available here


inspiration in las vegas

i went to las vegas this weekend
with my husband
of course we had a few drinks and did a little gambling
do you know that Las Vegas is one of the top 5 cities for art?
the highlight of my weekend was visiting the
the Bellagio
 the bellagio lobby ceiling features
2,000 Chihuly hand-blown glass flowers

i also went to the
on my birthday no less
Showcasing 20 works by the founder of French Impressionist painting, "Claude Monet: Impressions of Light" also presents eight other canvases by Monet's predecessors and contemporaries, including Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, Camille Pissarro, and Eugene Louis Boudin. It was from Monet's collaboration with these painters, along with his solitary explorations of the French countryside, that his own signature style eventually emerged.
this is the first time i've seen an original Monet painting
pictures can't do them justice...
i spent over an hour looking at these amazing paintings..
i was amazed by the depth
the brush strokes
the colors
of these paintings...
i wanted to go home and start painting..
if you are in las vegas or will be there i highly recommend going
what has inspired you lately?


today's creation

today's creation

i craved an "ART" stamp
this will be prefect to stamp on the  packages i send my art in
the how to...
i wrote the word "ART" on a piece of paper with a charcoal pencil
then laid the paper (charcoal side down) on the stamp and rubbed the paper
then the image is on the stamp in reverse
then carve around the word art
 then when you stamp it, it will read ART...

our new kitty *mia* she's a devon rex
 she's no bigger then my 10yr old sons shoes
check back to see what else i create
don't forget to leave a link so i can see what you create....



Wow it's been  a month since i posted here....where has it gone?
for that matter were has this year gone..school almost out for the summer.
one more day
i've been so busy with life..
i did get some studio time not enough
 i really need to get back to creating... more


meet my studio buddy

I have a new studio buddy..

meet coco our new little hedge hog...
now you know i have an odd side... lol
it took me months to find this little girl
her cage is in my studio, she keeps me company..

more studio news
i've been working on some paintings all still in progress

in the mean time i've listed a resin art pendent in my etsy shop

thanks for stopping by


i hope you had a nice easter...
we are on spring break here so the kiddos are home for 10 days.
it's been a nice break, but hard to get much art made
i did manage to work on a painting

"sing your song"
available here


what i've been up to..

i've been so inspired to create
so many ideas are in my head...only if there were more hours in the day
here's what i've been up to

resin art blocks available here
i love these!!
the resin really bright out the colors
so far i've made 4"x4" & 4"x3" blocks
they can sit on a shelf or table top
just so cute.
i plan on trying a 6"x7" block the first of the week
wish me luck..


studio time just jump in

i've had a lot of studio time this week...it feels so good
i finally try making a stamp
i bought the supplies months ago
so excited to get started
i just kept looking at them
so new & untouched
so new i didn't want to make a mistake
i just want to hold them, look at them
does this ever happen to you?
how many times has the fear of messes something up held me back ...
to many time to count.......

i had so much fun making this stamp
i don't know why it took me so long to jump in...

i can't wait to make another one
i was so inspired by this
i was able to get a couple of paintings done

i'm obsessed with birds right now...
my dad likes all wildlife
he feeds the the deer, raccoon & of course the birds..
i love going to his house & watching all the different bird feed
i'm having so much painting them
so just go for it...jump in with both feet or should i say hands..
see what you can accomplish
you will be amazed how good it feels to let go
everything is possible when you go for it


zebra cake

12.....happy birthday isabel......

black & white are her favorite colors...
  we made this cake together
she loved it!



listing on etsy


my youngest turned 8 sunday
he is so into angry birds
if you have a smart phone you know the game

 my daughter  and i made the cake & cupcakes 
i think they look like a kindergartner made them
but he was happy with them
  the gift bags

playing wii
Happy Birthday Emerson


how to get published

i came across this post by Heather Bullard contributing editior for Country Living Magazine.

12 tips to help bloggers be discovered by an editior.
i found them to be very helpful.
simple things to add to your blog..
if you want to get published, & who wouldn't want to be
 read this post

do you have any tips to add?
i would love to hear them


And the winner is!!

And the winner is......
Nicole from Art Expression
please email me at dianeackers@aol.com
 with your address so i can send your ACEO card to you



hearts desire

hi everyone, with valentine's day right around the corner
i decided to paint a series of heart paintings

knowing only the very young have hearts that are perfect
i decide to paint hearts with marks on them
to show the scars we all have felt at times
but that our hearts are still beautiful & full of love....
they are available here

i've had a little break through....i decided not to worry so much about
what my style is & what i should be focusing on
illustrations? painting? mixed media?...
it can be very debilitating
i tend to to think about it sooo much i end up not doing anything
i decided to just go with what feels right at the moment
i think the only way to find your style
is to create & create & create & your style will show
how did you find your style?
how did you know this is it!!
or are you like me & always second guessing yourself?
maybe all artist feel this way at some point
but for now i plan on creating what ever my muse is for the moment
not worry so much what everyone else thinks
easier said then done i know
sneak peak at what is on my easel now
 it's not finished yet 
so far i like it
i want to thank everyone for commenting here it means a lot to me
don't forget to leave a comment on my this post for a chance to win a ACEO card

have a wonderful weekend!!


Artful pinings

i'm so hooked on pinterest
it's pure eye candy like no other
amazing way to save inspirational & creative ideas
i tried to paste some of my boards here but i couldn't figure out how to..
oh well
are you on pinterest?
no your not? well check it out but beware you will be there a while it's very addicting...
if you are on pinterest check out my boards & follow me if you like what you see

i just listed some new art magnets

available here