what do you do when something you love so much starts consuming your life?
i will be listing this soon


being thankful

i can't believe it's almost thanksgiving!! were has the time gone?
i know i've been mia from my poor blog.....sorry i hope you can forgive me.
it's that time... to think about all we are thankful for.
really i should think about that everyday, 
it would make me more grateful for everyday even the bad ones ..
my thankful list
the time i have with my children
my health
the ability to create art
sunny days
a great pair of jeans
a great conversation
dove chocolates
a good margarita
a good nights sleep
what are you greatful for?

my newest art available here


To mat or not to mat

I have a question for you.
I'm thinking about getting mats for the prints I sell on Etsy.
These mats would be white and fit 5"x7" prints.
So that they can be framed in a 11"x14" frame.
If you were looking at art to buy
 would you like the idea of it being matted and ready to be framed.
I think it would give the art presense.
What do you think?
They would look something like this below.


As I mention in my last post my art is in somerset studio magazine exciting!!
Well it has came to my attention (thank you Cameron check out her blog) that my art is in green craft magazine in an ad for Somerset Studio, by with the byline reading artwork by Misty Mawn.
Needless to say I'm honored that they would pick my art to advertise their magazine.
It would have been even better to get the credit for my art.
I know this was an honest mistake.
I did inform them they had the name incorrect.
They said they would change it for future ads,
but that it was probably already in print in some of their other magazines.
Disappointing that it is, not to have my name in the ad.
It still feels good that they picked my art....
Here is the ad, let me know if you see it any other magazines.



I opened my Sept-Oct issue of Somerset studio magazine last night to see my art in print....sooo exciting.
This is a piece I made while I use taking Misty Mawn's e-course a few month ago.
The article is about Misty's course.
I feel honored that they picked my art to be include in the article.
Here is the painting.
thank you for letting me share this with you.