My Big Art News

super excited!!!

 this past week or so i've been getting my art ready to put in a couple of store!!

as intimidating as it was, i knew i had to put my art and my self out there…
fingers crossed and hoping for the best i did it

i'm happy to announce my art is available at Simply Vague in the Polaris Mall (right beside Saks) in columbus, ohio

i guess i was excited sorry about the blurry photo

i also have my art at their Tuttle Mall location in columbus ohio

everything they sell is made by ohio artist
so if you are in the columbus area stop in these two stores, they have some amazing items
by some amazing artist
i encourage you to take the leap and do what ever may be intimating you
it feels good when you do it..


Blue Owl Painting for Halloween

Blue Owl prints now available in my shop

i think this Owl is prefect for Halloween, don't you? 

i have so much happening here..i've done several local art shows, and having so much fun meeting and talking to all the collectors. i have a couple of shows comings up in November that i'm looking forward to. so i've been getting ready for them..thinking of ways to display my art..if you have any suggestions or ideas please share them with me.. i have more BIG NEWS i hope to share with you soon..

a little peek into my world. i absolutely LOVE Halloween. it's my favorite holiday to decorate for.
so what does that say about me?
what's your favorite holiday?

this is what it looks like most mornings as i'm on my way home from taking my kids to school.
feels like fall here...


Sneak peek at my painting in progress

   I wanted pop in and share my newest painting with you. Prints are available in my Etsy shop.  
 If you don't see the size you would like let me knowI can make it for you.

Here's a image of my painting in progress.

I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


Art Shows and New French Bull Dog Painting

i'm still here.... 

...this is my daughter's french bulldog lilybug.  isn't she the sweetest. when i took this photo i knew i had to paint her. i hope to have prints and more soon.

  i started doing art/craft shows again this summer. i forgot how nice it is to talk to people who enjoy seeing my art.  it helps me to know i'm not crazy, and if you're an artist you understand what I'm talking about.
 i want to say thank you to everyone who stop by my booth to look at my art and buy

   in the process of trying to figure out how to display my art at the art shows (without spending a small fortune) i came up with a good way to display my art at the show and in my studio.  can you guess what i used? 

i took apart wire storage cubes ( they are  four cubes when together i had 2 sets in white see photo below) we had bought to store the kids toys or clothes on. i took them apart and laid them out 4 wire squares by 3 square and used twist ties the put them together. at the show i twist tie them to the tent frame...in my studio i hung them on hooks...i love they way they turned out and it only cost me a few dollars for the twist ties.  now i can see my art hanging all in one place as i finish it.

 i have so many ideas going through my head!  i love it when things are crazy busy it really energizes me. what energizes you ?
 look for new art and product soon..


feather painting and a tattoo

my daughter surprised me the other day....she got a tattoo of one of my feather paintings on
 her arm..

i don't think there could be a bigger compliment for an artist or a mom? i was so honored
that she wanted my art on her arm forever.  above the feather it says "love me for who i am" 
because i will always love her for who she is

i've been thinking about getting a tattoo or two for a while....
what do you think should i get a tattoo? do you have any tattoos if so what do they stand for? 
if and when i get a tattoo i'll share it here


my new muse

  i have a new muse.....it came about towards the end of last year.  when i bought a dslr camera.  don't get me wrong i've always love photography, but now i'm obsessed. i'm excited and seeing the world in a different way...don't you love the feeling of excitement when you find a new muse?.. i've decided to open another Etsy shop  for my photography art.  please check it out here and let me know what you think.

 i still love painting..and always will.  i started to doubt my abilities to paint so, i have been experimenting with different painting styles. what i found is i love them all LOL.....i wanted to find where my strength lie....well after weeks (months) of self doubt and questioning my abilities..i've decided to just listen to my instincts and do what i do...and not second guess if it is good enough, if it is "real art". instead i will continue to paint and to push myself to improve, to take chances with my paintings, to go after my dream and Love what i do... because when i think about it...i really love what i do..do you ever question your abilities, your talents? how do you get past self doubt?

                      i encourage you to push past that doubt and keeping going after your dream..


8 blogs that rock

today i would like to share with you a few of the blogs i like to visit. you can visit their blog by clicking on their image. 
who knows maybe you will find a new blog to follow. 


i love the images and feel of this blog. her blog is very creative and inspiring with lovely photos. 

Welcome all artists and art lovers. I have started this blog,so I can share my obsession ART. I hope you enjoy my point of view both intellectually and literally

Monique is a very talented artist.  she shares her love of art and her inspirations. the images of her art are amazing , and her posts are insightful.

Misty Mawn is an amazing artist.  a lot of you may already know about Misty's blog.  if not... her blog in filled with her beautiful art, creative photographs and tons of inspiration.

what can i say, this blog is eye candy for anyone that loves beauty.

Yvonne Eijkenduijnin blogs about everything from decorating to
food to diy's with beautiful photo.

i recently found this blog and i am a new follower. i love looking  at the gorgeous photographs and reading her posts. 

this is another recent find. Wendy is a dutch photographer who shares her inspirations, photos, and finds on her blog.

Jen is the author of this blog and also authors cocoa &  hearts. she loves all things stylist. on her blog she post about her art, decor,  and fashion.

do you have a favorite blog you follow? if so leave a link in my comments, maybe blog about them on your blog and share the love.