A window into my world

Here's a  peek into my world....
I just rearranged my studio..I wish I took pics of it before.
 It hasn't been working for awhile.
I've been wanting to do this for forever!!
I feel so lucky to have a room for my studio...
 I know I know you're supposed to spring clean in the spring but I always get the urge after Christmas.
Maybe it all the new things we get for Christmas that put me in the mood to organize....
 I also cleaned & rearranged my clothes closet..
It feels so good to have a fresh new begining for the new year..
I'm looking forward to 2011 & all the wonders it bring..
What do you do to get yourself ready for the new year?
Do you organize?
Do you take some time & relax?
Do you spend time with family?
Do you buy yourself something special?


Fun at the County Fair

I can't believe it's the middle of October!
The days seem to go by too quickly. I find myself just going through my day trying to get all those chores done, but days like this remind me to stop and just enjoy the day. 
So on my TO DO LIST:
Stop worring about all the little stuff.
Have fun!
Get Pumpkins to carve with the kids. FUN!
Get the halloween costumes togeghter. FUN!
Paint, Paint, Paint, FUN!
Oh, how I mis painting. It has been to long.
I need to make it a priority again.
What is on your to do list?
Do you also feel you always have to much to do?
Do you get caught up in all the little things?
I know I do and  need reminders to just enjoy the day.
Well this is a reminder to you to have fun, enjoy and create.
Days go by too fast not to. 


Can you believe it's August already....school will be starting soon.
Some days I can't wait until the kids are back in school....some I dread the thought of it.
if you have little ones at home you know exactly what I'm taking about.
Today has been one of the days I'm counting the days until school starts.
Tomorrow I will probably wish  summer was just beginning.. 

Available in my ETSY SHOP


 Hope you are having a good week. I'm pretty excited about the art I've been creating !! I'm putting more of my personality into my paintings. Oh what a feeling.. I've also changed my blog design...what do you think? New color, new banner, new avitar ...
This original painting is available in my ESTY SHOP
I hope you enjoy looking..


Creative change....I've been thinking a lot I mean a lot about my art. I'm feeling unsatisfied. I feel I need to push myself more. so that is what I've been doing these last few days-weeks. A lot of feeling happen when you  really push yourself. inspired, uninspired, excited, thrill, scared, disappointed, courage, doubt, must I go onI'm asking for the courage and belief in myself to take this journey...to grow to soar to be ture to myself and what I want.


Newest painting! Just listed in my ESTY SHOP.
I'm hoping to post to blog latter today, once the kiddo are busy and will let me think.


Here is my lasted painting.
I just listed her in MY ESTY SHOP .

close up of all the texture
Even on difficult days there is always hope!


          scanned with my old scanner             

scanned with my new scanner
I just love my scanner.
It scan true colors. I didn't have to adjust the color.
I added the link to it on my side bar.


It's beautiful today..Sun shining a nice breeze-just a perfect day! I've been so inspired. I've been painted all day. So I decide to take a break & let the kids swim in their wading pool. Kelly Rae's
e-course has been great. She is so inspiring and has so much to share.


I've been working on a couple of new paintings. Finally finished them !!
I been thinking of how I can combine my illustrations and my abstrast paintings....this is what I came up with. Both paintings have a lot of texture.
what do you think?
I would love some honest feedback.


"look around"
6"x 6"x 1 1/2"

6" X 6"X 1 1/2"

Here's a couple new paintings.
I just listed Wish in my ESTY SHOP.


We had some strong storms last night.
This is the view from my kitchen window that I woke up to.
This could be an image from my mind. This is how I have been feeling when it comes to my art....foggy.... not sure I can see what direction I should go.
I have been creating..trying all kinds of things,
pencil drawings not sure how to finish them.
abstract paintings-
Frustrated !!!!
I'm trying to say open minded -explore. I must have several paintings now.
I plan on posting them here on my blog . Maybe I will get some feed back on them.
I've had a couple of ideas this morning-now to see if I can get them to life.


I'm on a new and wonderful jounery to discover all that I can be. I started Kelly Raes e-course yesteray. I'm looking forward to making new friends and much more!http://kellyraeroberts.blogspot.com/


Alice II
I love the story Alice in Wonderland!
I just listed this painting in my Esty shop


I just finishes some ACEO cards for my esty shop
I haven't been very good about posting...on my blog.
I've been busy trying to get my Esty shop in order.
The sun is shining today & the snow is finally melting. I can't wait for spring. I'm so ready for warm weather. Soon I know....


february 3

We had homemade pizza last night. My youngest likes to make a little (bit size) one for himself. Look at what we saw when it was done...A heart..


February 2

I'm having an artist block.......I'm just not sure what direction to go in....
I wonder how other artist handle this feeling?



I finish her!!!!!!!

I'm very happy with the way she turned out.

what do you think?

She is now listed on my ebay


Sneak peek at my newest cocoon baby. I'm still working on her and her shadow box.