Fun at the County Fair

I can't believe it's the middle of October!
The days seem to go by too quickly. I find myself just going through my day trying to get all those chores done, but days like this remind me to stop and just enjoy the day. 
So on my TO DO LIST:
Stop worring about all the little stuff.
Have fun!
Get Pumpkins to carve with the kids. FUN!
Get the halloween costumes togeghter. FUN!
Paint, Paint, Paint, FUN!
Oh, how I mis painting. It has been to long.
I need to make it a priority again.
What is on your to do list?
Do you also feel you always have to much to do?
Do you get caught up in all the little things?
I know I do and  need reminders to just enjoy the day.
Well this is a reminder to you to have fun, enjoy and create.
Days go by too fast not to. 


Cameron said...

Deadlines and responsibilities are fast approaching! We are supposed to move into a new house on Nov. 11th, not to mention the Holidays are coming....and I haven't started packing....just can't seem to pack up my creative endeavors just yet :)

I've got the kid's costume together though...at least I can check 1 thing off my list!

**** ************** * said...

Hi Cameron, How exciting moving to a new house. Hopefully you won't have to have your stuff packed up to long..