being thankful

i can't believe it's almost thanksgiving!! were has the time gone?
i know i've been mia from my poor blog.....sorry i hope you can forgive me.
it's that time... to think about all we are thankful for.
really i should think about that everyday, 
it would make me more grateful for everyday even the bad ones ..
my thankful list
the time i have with my children
my health
the ability to create art
sunny days
a great pair of jeans
a great conversation
dove chocolates
a good margarita
a good nights sleep
what are you greatful for?

my newest art available here


Blissful Pumpkin said...

Hi Di,
I am really loving your newest creations. I think my fav would be the second one, with the stripes. Love them.
Kyles :D

Cameron said...

Aww...look at those soulful little girls...such expressive faces...even in their subtlety...

I'm thankful for so many things, too...hard to list everything...but time home with my girl, a new house to enjoy...with a designated art space I can call my own....and the support and love of my family top the list for sure!

Have a wonderful Holiday :)

Diane Ackers said...

Thank you Kyles and Cameron. Yes an art space to call your own is something to be very thankful for..
Happy Holiday to you.