what do you do when something you love so much starts consuming your life?
i will be listing this soon


Art Expression said...

Lovely art work Diane = )

Cameron said...

Smile....and make more? Heehee! I love being consumed by art....it doesn't happen enough for me.

....and I love what is created when you are consumed! She is adorable!

Happy New Year!

Diane Ackers said...

thank you Cameron so much! you always make me smile. Happy New Year to you too..

Diane Ackers said...

thank you nicole! i checked out your blog it's great. i'm a new fan.

patty said...

Diane, not everyone is lucky enough to have a true passion and have it be something they are amazingly talented at. Go with it and happiest of new years to you!!

Diane Ackers said...

Oh Patty you are so sweet thank you
happy new year to you