listing on etsy


my youngest turned 8 sunday
he is so into angry birds
if you have a smart phone you know the game

 my daughter  and i made the cake & cupcakes 
i think they look like a kindergartner made them
but he was happy with them
  the gift bags

playing wii
Happy Birthday Emerson

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Cameron said...

Well, happiest birthday to your boy!!! He just so happens to share the day with my Husband!
I think the bags, cake and cupcakes look adorable!! I love them!

Yes, I do have an Etsy store. I list once or twice a week if I'm able....but everything I currently have available is up there....so it is limited to new art and items I've completed...and re-listing some items that are either ready to expire or are more on track with Holidays and trends.
I think it's slow right now. I noticed that going into the Christmas season, people favorited an item, then bought it....not the case right now.
Though it indirectly advertises your shop, making a treasury sometimes helps get a few more views.

Hope you are having a lovely week, Diane!