what i've been up to..

i've been so inspired to create
so many ideas are in my head...only if there were more hours in the day
here's what i've been up to

resin art blocks available here
i love these!!
the resin really bright out the colors
so far i've made 4"x4" & 4"x3" blocks
they can sit on a shelf or table top
just so cute.
i plan on trying a 6"x7" block the first of the week
wish me luck..


Jackie said...

Fabulous artwork - I LOVE the picture of the birds.

Cameron said...

Resin still intimidates me......but I adore the look of it!! Elevates the look of prints to gallery status, me thinks ;P

As always, I love your work!

Piarom said...

I adore all this wonderful art-cubes ♥

Diane Ackers said...

I'm glad you like the resin art blocks..they look even better in person. It took some trial & error to get the resin thing down.
Thanks for your comments :)