art show display

i've been participating in several art shows this fall,
and with each one it seems i'm tweaking my display
trying to find the perfect items to display my art
( wow i need to do something with my hair..)
i'm pretty pleased with this setup...

what about you?

do you continually tweak your display?

have you found the what works for you?

i would love to see your display
please share with me in the comments.

first i primed the wood circle with gesso, so it would be bright 

second i printed my logo

i've had the red block for awhile not sure what i could use it for...perfect for the base
i also had this bad print laying around (if you look closely you can see the lines)
i never throw bad prints out i like to try to use them in different projects
so instead of painting the block i decided to cover it with pieces of the print

here is all the parts covered and dry
now to assemble

close up of the base

the finished sign

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