hearts desire

hi everyone, with valentine's day right around the corner
i decided to paint a series of heart paintings

knowing only the very young have hearts that are perfect
i decide to paint hearts with marks on them
to show the scars we all have felt at times
but that our hearts are still beautiful & full of love....
they are available here

i've had a little break through....i decided not to worry so much about
what my style is & what i should be focusing on
illustrations? painting? mixed media?...
it can be very debilitating
i tend to to think about it sooo much i end up not doing anything
i decided to just go with what feels right at the moment
i think the only way to find your style
is to create & create & create & your style will show
how did you find your style?
how did you know this is it!!
or are you like me & always second guessing yourself?
maybe all artist feel this way at some point
but for now i plan on creating what ever my muse is for the moment
not worry so much what everyone else thinks
easier said then done i know
sneak peak at what is on my easel now
 it's not finished yet 
so far i like it
i want to thank everyone for commenting here it means a lot to me
don't forget to leave a comment on my this post for a chance to win a ACEO card

have a wonderful weekend!!


Cameron said...

I did worry about having a style, too....but the more I make, the more others say they "recognize" my stuff. Really? I don't see it, but I feel the joy of making it....and it that translates to others, too...then that is all I need :)

I have always been drawn to your work since I first laid eyes on it...have no worries...just keep making more!

Diane Ackers said...

Cameron I also can see your sytle in your work and I like what I see. You are soo right as long as we love what we are doing thats is all that matters.

Annie said...

Great heart paintings :o)
Yes I too struggle with finding my style but like yourself I believe the answer is try not to think about to hard....just enjoy what you are creating and your style will shine through.

gbloom studio said...

Love the hearts, the colors look so vibrant!