Artful pinings

i'm so hooked on pinterest
it's pure eye candy like no other
amazing way to save inspirational & creative ideas
i tried to paste some of my boards here but i couldn't figure out how to..
oh well
are you on pinterest?
no your not? well check it out but beware you will be there a while it's very addicting...
if you are on pinterest check out my boards & follow me if you like what you see

i just listed some new art magnets

available here


Cameron said...

I am on Pinterest....not addicted yet, but know it's just a matter of time. Lucky for me, I don't have much of it :)

Your magnets sure are cute....along with the string you've coordinated with them!

gbloom studio said...

I just found your blog from artsy boggers link. Your art is amazing! I just followed you on pinterest, I am addicted too.
Gina (gbloomstudio)

Diane Ackers said...

i know cameron time is always in short supply here too...only if i didn't need so much sleep.

Diane Ackers said...

hi Gina thank you for you sweet comment about my art. & for following me on pinterest i'm following you too. now i have to check out your blog.

Art Expression said...

I am addicted to Pinterest too. When I go there for inspiration I end up staying there way too long and not doing anything else